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28-35 Seater Coach

Durham Coach Hire is THE BEST provider of coach and minibus hire in Durham

Featuring reclining, upholstered seats and folding armrests, food and beverage trays and service, air conditioning, good leg room, a smooth, controlled ride to any of the key destinations in the city this summer, Durham Coach Hire should be your primary choice and travel provider for you and/or your party – if you are seeking in the range of a 28 – 35 seater coach

Services are in place for the North Pennines Walking Festival, between Saturday 26th September and Sunday 4th October. The program aims to celebrate 50 years of the Pennine Way, but also encompasses other long-distance trials within the North Pennines

The historic Barnard Castle is also within proximity, to which we offer a full service

DCH are offering shuttle services for you and your party to the Roof Of England Cycling Sportive 2015

The Durham Big & Middle Races 2015 and the Durham Little Ride 2015. We’re offering a full shuttle service to destinations start and finish

We’re offering a full shuttle service to the Magna Carta Exhibition and trials, Durham Cathedral, Durham University’s Palace Green Library, Auckland Castle and Raby Castle

If you are interested and need services to The National Railway Museum, at Shilton – to see the Locomotion exhibition, DCH are offering a full shuttle service, once more

Our range also includes trips to the Beamish Museum

The Yves Saint Laurent festival at The Bowes Museum is also high on our client roster, and we’re offering full services to you and your party – travel in comfort and security with DCH

Nearby services to the Durham Dales and the Durham Heritage Coast can also be provided and factored in

Finally key on our roster for summer services is the Streets Festival, taking place from Saturday 29th, to Sunday 30th August at Durham City’s Market place and Millennium Place. The event promises to be a “smorgasbord of juggling, uni-cycling, acrobatics, banter, wit, knives, fire and just about anything else you can think of”

Happy to have this on our travel itinerary, we’re offering a full service with pick up and drop off to your accommodation or site of lodging

And so with a well-plumbed roster like this, you can see why DCH is Durhams first choice in the sector

Regards and Thanks