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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Our company has launched the new fantastic service of minibus hire in Durham. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this city or to spend your birthday in a new way. We at are providing a new service of Minibus for all occasions. We want to offer an affordable service at very competitive rates without sacrificing the quality and comfort. We have an extensive experience in the field of transportation, minibus and coach hire. If you want to know why we represent the most competitive choice in this niche and the benefits of our services, please consult our website Furthermore, there will be many extraordinary events in Durham and for this reason, the perfect choice to appreciate these new initiatives is to visit this city through our coaches.

Durham is one of the most fascinating and captivating cities in the North East of England. Due to its famous monuments such as the Durham Cathedral and Castle, it was named by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, in this city there is one of the most popular and well established Universities in England. There are a lot of reason to take advantage of our service of Durham coach hire. Imagine that it’s your birthday and you want to spend a different day from the usual routine. We at have the right solution for you! Other famous sights in this are the astonishing Bowes Museum, Auckland Castle and the National Railway Museum. Many events, initiatives and festivals are planned in the near future in this area. There will be many musical shows at the local Carolina Theatre, where you can meet many established and famous singers and musicians. Moreover, there will be many food tours in the most popular local restaurants and lectures open to the public in the various museums. Other famous planned events will be the Durham International Festival, the Durham Streets Summer Festival and the Durham Book Festival. So if you want to spend an unforgettable birthday, please visit our website and make the most from our service of Durham coach hire.

We are different from our competitors for many reasons. First of all we have an excellent customer service, and our staff is perfectly trained to help you in the best way and to respond to all your queries in the quickest and most professional way. Moreover, we have a strong flexibility related to your requests of minibus hire in Durham. Moreover, we can offer tailored and customized trips in Durham according to your needs and requirements. Our drivers are experienced, talented and may ensure the highest levels of professionalism. We also hire extra staff in the busiest moments in order to satisfy all the requests. We have the most competitive and cheapest rates in the area, but despite this, we deliver a high quality service. So if you want to save money and to enjoy the perfect birthday, please request our service of minibus hire. We are available twenty-four hours a day and also during holidays. We offer a wide range of different models of minibus and coaches to fulfill the needs of groups of different size. Our vehicles are all inspected and regularly checked to offer the highest levels of security and reliability. So are you planning to spend a special birthday in Durham? Do you want to experience an unforgettable moment? Do you want to see one of the most suggestive cities in the North East? If you want all this please visit our website and please choose the most suitable option for you.