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Festival Coach Hire

We are a minibus hire in Durham, UK, ready to meet the needs of families, travel groups, businesses and schools who wish to organize any trip within the city. We have been building our experience in the market for years, and our primary goal is to provide high-quality transportation at a price that you can pay.

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Some things you should know about us are:

  • We take pride in our business and the fact that we put our customers first.
  • We adapt to your needs, showing the highest level of professionalism and being a part of an unforgettable experience for our clients in Durham.
  • We do our best to guarantee that your schedule will be met, with only the best of surprises.
  • We believe in quality service, which includes a team prepared to give customer service to all those who choose to join us for their experience in Durham.
  • We have daily vehicle inspections because we are genuinely concerned about your safety and comfort.

What the City Has to Offer:

Durham is a small city in North East England, but it has big attractions and opportunities for group travellers. This historic city is full of wonders and scenery to be discovered. It is home to the Durham Cathedral and the Durham Castle, which are both considered as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The city is also embellished with Castles, such as the Raby Castle and Auckland Castle, and with the stunning Wear River.

For those who want to have an even greater cultural experience, there are several museums including Beamish Museum, Bowes Museum, and National Railway Museum.


Durham hosts year-round events, festivals and exhibitions, making the city a destination for countless groups of people.

We’ll help you to organize group trips to one of the many events hosted in the city. We are the best Durham coach hire.

Below are some of the events that you can attend with the help of our services:

  • Christmas Festival
  • Durham Summer Festival
  • DJam
  • Swing Dance Festival UK
  • Brass Festival
  • Durham University – host to many conferences

Whether you want to send a business group from your company, a school planning a day trip or a family looking for an adventurous reunion, we are an ideal partner. We are here to ensure that you will get the most out of your trip.

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